What You Should Know... (FAQs)

Q: What Does Chez Moi mean? 
A: Chez Moi means "My Place" in French.


Q: What are your business hours?

A: As of January 1, 2021, Chez Moi is no longer operating as a dessert food truck. Don't panic! I'm still baking along with a million other things. (#SoSerious) Orders can be shipped nationwide by FedEx - scheduled shipments go out each Mon/Tues, picked up locally in Durham (scheduled time: Wed-Fri 4:30-6pm) and complimentary, contactless delivery within a limited radius for Durham (Wed-Fri 2:30-4:30pm). (see below for local places who carry my products)


Q: How much time do I need to allow when placing an order? 
A: Please allow a minimum of 72 hours when placing an order. Orders placed Sun-Sat will ship the following Monday. Saturday is the cut-off each week. (Shipping charges will apply) 

These rules do not apply for major holidays. Thanksgiving & Christmas orders are usually cutoff one month before the holiday. (Holiday rules apply one month before each holiday.) The calendar at checkout will show the available options. 



Q: Do you have a retail location? 
A: No, Chez Moi does not have a brick and mortar location (and is no longer food trucking!).


Q: Do you make special orders for people with allergies? 
A: We kindly recommend that anyone with food allergies avoid our products. All of our products are made on equipment shared with milk, egg, peanuts and tree nuts. We are able to omit nuts from our products, but there is no guarantee in regards to allergies.


Q: Do I need to refrigerate my cake? How long can I leave my cake out? 
A: Always refrigerate and bring to room temperature by placing on the counter for approx. 15 minutes before serving. I do recommend refrigeration during any other time (wrapped or in an air tight container). The shelf life is 2 weeks refrigerated and two months frozen. Please wrap the cake in plastic wrap and place in a freezer bag, if freezing. Just you? Individually wrap or bag slices for the freezer, and when ready to eat, bring to room temperature on the counter. It thaws perfectly!

*Ice cream cakes should be stored in the freezer. Use a warm knife to cut.


Q: Can I find Chez Moi products locally in North Carolina? (Subject to Availability) 
A: Yes, they can be found at the following: 

Cocoa Cinnamon420 W. Geer St. and 2627 Hillsborough Rd. DurhamBy the slice - Brown Sugar Vanilla Rum Cake

Cecy's Gallery417 Foster St. DurhamMacro greeting cards by Rhonda Jones Photography 

Durham Co-Op Market 1111 W. Chapel Hill St. DurhamJust Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi Bakerylemon curd & lime curd

Elk Local Foods103 E. Chatham St. ApexVariety of whole cakes,Just Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi Bakerylemon curd, lime curd & blueberry syrup

Inner Banks Mercantile (IBX)117 S. Elm St. Columbia, NCVariety of whole cakes,Just Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi Bakerylemon curd, lime curd, & blueberry syrup 

Namu Durham5420 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd. DurhamBy the slice - Brown Sugar Vanilla Rum Cake & Lemon Cake

REI at North Hills4291 The Circle at North Hills St. RaleighJust Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi Bakery blueberry syrup 

Smitten Boutique2702 Hillsborough Rd. DurhamVariety of whole cakes,Just Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi Bakerylemon curd, lime curd, & blueberry syrup

Sweet Traditions12516 #106 Capital Blvd. Wake Forest(Just Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi BakeryLemon curd & lime curd used in some of their products)

The Produce BoxJust Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi BakeryLemon Curd, Lime Curd

Weaver Street MarketCarrboro, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, RaleighJust Grab a Spoon by Chez Moi BakeryLemon Curd, Lime Curd & Blueberry SyrupMacro greeting cards by Rhonda Jones Photography


Q: Sustainability? A: In an effort to lessen our environmental impact, we have taken steps to reduce the amount of waste we generate. About 98% of our waste produced during production is either composted or recycled, and all of our packaging and disposable wares can be recycled or composted. Composting service provided by local company http://compostnow.org/.

Q: How can I request a donation for my charity? 

A: Chez Moi would love to support your cause or organization. While we are happy to donate gift certificates, we do not make donations of cash, cake or discount the products. For donation requests, please send an email to rhonda @ chezmoi-bakery.com and I will be happy to review. Thanks!

Please note: We limit our donations to local charities only. It’s not that we don’t love big causes, but fundraising is more challenging for smaller charities and I'm a solopreneur so I get it! Please no requests from national charities!


In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with your order, please make me aware of the issue so we can find a resolution. I'm a solopreneur who takes pride in all I do. Thank you!