What Are Fruit Curds


The origin of fruit curds is British. It is traditionally used in place of jam & jelly.


Sugar, Concentrated Lemon or Lime Juice, Eggs, Unsalted Butter

Manufactured By

Chez Moi Bakery
4711 Hope Valley Rd. 4F PMB 1223 Durham, NC 27707

Where to Purchase?

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JustGrabASpoon.com Lemon and Lime Curds are by Chez Moi Bakery. You can place an order by clicking "order here" at the top of the page. The curds are available for local delivery or pickup in Durham.

Weaver Street Market
Visit any of the 4 WSM locations and find the lemon curd & lime curd in the freezer section. 

Smitten Boutique
Durham's hidden gem! Smitten Boutique has something for everyone including lemon curd & lime curd in their freezers. You'll thank me later!
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How Do You Eat It?

Although, you may find a few different flavors of fruit curds, the most popular seems to be lemon. Fruit curds are creamy, dreamy and lucious with a consistency of your favorite pudding that's a bit lighter. 

Well, truly, the sky is the limit on how to eat curd. Most will use it in the place of jam or jelly, but there are so many other uses. 

Slather on pancakes & waffles
Dip a cookie
Add a dollop on a bowl of fruit or yogurt
Use as a cocktail ingredient

JustGrabASpoon; we won't judge you!

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Lime Curd Gimlet

By: Stacey Price Sprenz

2 oz. gin

1/2 oz. lime juice

1 1/2 tbsp. lime curd

Shake over ice, double strain into a coupe glass.